How to install and activate the SIM card

If you have ordered our physical SIM card, we will provide a SIM card ejector pin, or our staff will help you to open your SIM card tray if you want us to.

In most cases, our physical SIM card will work immediately after you have installed it, just make sure to activate data ROAMING for this SIM card and select this SIM card to use for Mobile Data.

If you don't see a 4G or LTE network icon, it means the phone is still trying to search for the network. Sometimes it helps to turn on the flight mode for 30 seconds. If this doesn't help you can also restart the whole phone.

In most cases the connection works within 3 minutes, if it takes longer than 15 minutes please contact our customer service team by Whatsapp.

iOS with dual SIM

Choose the default line for cellular data (or Mobile data)—tap Cellular Data (or Mobile Data), then tap the label of the tray where you installed the Bikago Mobile SIM card. 

You can select your home country SIM card for voice calls and text messages as Bikago Mobile only provides Mobile Data service and no phone number.

Android with dual SIM

You have to ensure that Mobile Data is set to use the SIM card from Bikago Mobile. In most phones this is under Settings > Connections > Sim card manager  > Preferred SIM card. Here you tap on Mobile data and select the tray where you inserted the Bikago Mobile sim card. You can leave Calls and Messages on your home country SIM card as Bikago Mobile only provides Mobile Data service and no phone number.