Why do you not offer *UNLIMITED*?

We do not believe in *unlimited* data bundles and neither should you!

They never are really unlimited. They assume an average usage (quota) of around and about 1 GB per day.  Once you have reached your "daily unlimited quota" your connection gets slowed down to a level where you can hardly receive images trough Whatsapp and you can forget about a video call all together.

Most of the time when these packages are offered, it means unlimited access to *certain* local website or usage at *night hours*.

How are you going to binge watch a Netflix show, with just 1.5 GB ? You can't, it will just stop. 
If you think getting throttled watching Netflix is annoying try being in an important ZOOM or WhatsApp call!   

With Bikago Mobile you get unrestricted access to the data you purchase. Your data is Your data. No small prints, no throttling!

On your last day you should definitely use our balance check option. Do you still have a few gigabytes left? Download some Netflix series or movies to watch on the plane home.