(no) KYC and IMEI registration

With Bikago Mobile, the purchase process takes a maximum of 2 minutes. The installation process until your phone is connected takes a maximum 15 minutes.

Most of the local telco providers offer Tourist SIM cards one way or the other.

They have to follow a local regulation, which stipulates that they have to register every customer's passport, a selfie, and also need to pre-register your phone IMEI number in the network. 

This process can take up to 1/1.5 hour (or many more)  when it gets busy at the airport in general.

With Bikago Mobile, you don't need to queue at the airport to buy and register a SIM and you don't have to wait many hours until your connection works after the registration.

How do we do that ?

Bikago Mobile uses roaming technology, and connects to local operators through a wholesale roaming agreement.

Your eSIM will be provided to you before you arrive, and you will be connected from the moment you turn on your phone.