I already use an eSIM at home

If you are already using an eSIM in your home country, you can still use our services.

There's a few options here, and it depends on 2 things:

  1. Do you want to keep your home phone number active (in roaming) ?
  2. Does your phone support dual SIM or dual eSIM ?

Home phone number

If you don't mind to switch off your home phone line, you can just disable your home eSIM, and purchase and install the Bikago Mobile eSIM. You can just enable your home eSIM again when you leave Indonesia.

If it's important to you to remain available on your home phone number:

If your device supports dual eSIM (iphone 13 and above) you can install the Bikago Mobile eSIM and use it for Mobile Data, while you use your home eSIM for phone calls.

If your devices only supports 1 eSIM and a physical SIM card, you can opt for our physical SIM card during the order process.

Please note that Whatsapp will always work with your own phone number even when you use Bikago Mobile for your Mobile Data.