How to manually install an eSIM on iOS or Android

In the e-mail which we sent you with the eSIM QR code, we have also included the Manual Installation details.

Typically, this looks like this:

Manual installation: LPA:1$$TN202208041925403C82331C (example)

SM-DP+ address:

Activation code: TN202208041926403C82331C

How to get the SM-DP+ address

In order to install this on iOS device, you will need: the SM-DP+ address, this is

How to get the activation code

This is the range of characters displayed after Activation code: in the email.

On IOS devices:

1) Go to Settings > Mobile Data

2) Add data plan

3) Enter Details Manually

On Android devices:

1) Go to Settings > Sim Card manager

2) Add mobile plan

3) Scan carrier QR code (Scan a qr code or manuall enter the eSIM mobile data plan info)

4) Tap Enter activation Code. Here you can enter the full code as we have provided it in the email with the eSim QR code after Manual Installation, for example LPA:1$$TN202208041956192E3D4C0C